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Select Your Fluorescent Bulbs by Type or Brand

Not all fluorescent bulbs are created equal. Some types of bulbs are better suited for some plants than others. Please select your bulb category below or click here to view all of our fluorescent bulbs on the same page.

Wide Spectrum

Wide Spectrum Fluorescent BulbsOur Osram Sylvania wide spectrum bulbs provide a wide color distribution (more reds and yellows) that maximizes the growing environment for most types of plants. Your seedlings and indoor plants will flourish under these superb wide spectrum fluorescent light tubes! They distribute more reds and yellows than standard fluorescents, creating an optimal growth environment for young seedlings as well as mature plants!

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Verilux bulbsVerilux Fluorescent Tubes provide a pleasing natural bright light. An unusually high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Kelvin color temperature make these bulbs ideal for illuminating plants that must look natural in a show setting, such as floral arrangement and orchid competitions.

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Cool White

Cool white fluorescent bulbsCool White bulbs are good general purpose bulbs. It has a slightly bluish color. Cool white bulbs are a good source of blue and yellow-green light, but are a poor source of red light. Plants grown under cool white bulbs will be stocky or even slightly stunted. If you are growing seedlings under 2-bulb fluorescent fixtures, you can usually achieve a good color balance by combining one cool white and one warm white bulb.

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